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The following books have been written about the life of Brushy Bill Roberts alias Billy the Kid.



  "Alias Billy the Kid," by C. L. Sonnichsen & W. V Morrison, 1955

  "Billy the Kid & Me Were the Same," by Dr. William A. Tunstill, 1988

 "The Trial of Billy the Kid," by Judge Bobby E. Hefner, 1990

  "Billy the Kid: Killed in New Mexico---Died in Texas," by Dr. Jannay Valdez & Judge Bobby E. Hefner, 1995

  "The Return of the Outlaw Billy the Kid," by W. C. Jameson & Frederick Bean, 1998

 "The Real Billy the Kid AKA: Brushy Bill Roberts," by Brett L. Hall, 2004

"Billy the Kid Beyond the Grave" by W. C. Jameson, 2005



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