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William Henry Roberts alias Brushy Bill Roberts about 14 years old. Photos were taken while on a cattle drive in Fort Smith Arkansas




Brushy Bill Roberts somewhere between twenty seven and twenty nine years of age taken on the same day in Butte Montana



Brushy Bill Roberts in Brownsville Texas age fifty eight



Brushy Bill Roberts in Hamilton Texas in 1950 ninety years of age




Brushy Bill Roberts and William V. Morrison taken in 1949 ninety years of age


Brushy Bill Roberts and Melinda (Lizzie) Roberts his fourth wife taken sometime in the 1940's. he was in his eighties at this time. Brushy Married Lizzie in November 1944.   Lizzie died in 1952


Left to right: Brushy Bill Roberts, D. H. McCook, and Justin Bullard .This photo was taken at Hico, Texas in either 1934 or 1935. McCook and Bullard served as deputies under Judge Isaac Parker at Fort Smith, Arkansas along with Brushy Bill.

Brushy Bill Roberts September 1949


Brushy Bill Roberts and New Mexico Governor Thomas J. Mabry


Brushy Bill Roberts

 photo taken at the meeting between Brushy Bill and Gov. Mabry


Brushy Bill Roberts


Brushy Bill Roberts Funeral photo


Photo comparisons


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