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Legend describes Billy the Kid as a Vicious Killer, an Outlaw who died at the young age of twenty one. Legend has Billy killing twenty one men; one for every year he was alive. It has been said that he killed without reason just to watch them die. These accusations are one of the reasons Billy the Kid was and is still today misunderstood. The truth is that Billy was forced to grow up at an early age and became involved in a very Dangerous Range/cattle/merchant/territory/political war in Lincoln County New Mexico. Billy was not the cold-blooded killer he has been described as, just very good at what he was employed to do.


Everyone knows the story of Billy The kid and the Lincoln county war: How Billy fought bravely on the tunstall/mcSween faction against the Murphy/Dolan faction and the Santa Fe ring, A war that was fated from the start to end in favor of the rich and powerful of New Mexico at the time; How after being bested by all the money and power, Billy, who had started out a lawman, was forced by the powerful Santa Fe Ring to make his living Gambling and rustling Cattle.


There has been so much written over the years about Billy The Kid it is hard to distinguish between truth and fiction. Some well-known 'Historians' have even mixed fact with legend so well that one has to sift very carefully through all of it in order to find the truth. Within this website you will be able to find out



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